Fap Winner Reviews – Are There Any Benefits to FapWinner?


Fap Winner is a community of Forex traders who use the Forex Autopilot trading software. It was created by Charles Floyd, a trader with vast experience who took the original Forexautopilot program, researched it, and discovered alternative settings to it. This he called FAPTS, the Forex auto pilot Trading Strategy.

After a while, people started using FAPTS and showed excellent results. That’s how FapWinner was established: a community of serious traders who wish to take their forex experience to another level and turn this opportunity into a substantial income stream. As I also have a membership, I want to state what I believe the benefits of being a member of FapWinner can be:

1. Having the FAPTS version of ForexAutoPilot. In a running account, this system generated over 100% ROI. The greatest thing about it is this is running all of the time, so you can see it progress live.

2. Users forum – This is an excellent place to see like minded traders, learn from veteran players in the market, exchange ideas, and find answers to any question. Because this is a membership, people are much more helpful than on regular forums. Just by being there you’re part of a tight knit community.

3. You’re kept up to date – There’s a news section in the FapWinner members section where you can read up on the important financial news of the day. It’s great because they give you the really important stuff and leave out useless items.

4. No Fap Winner review will be complete without mentioning the personal money management plan that you get. This is done by Charles Floyd and his staff. They give you a detailed personal plan of attack on how to best utilize the Forex market to achieve your own goals and take into account your status. This personal plan is a boost up in the level of your trading and financial management.

5. If you choose to become a gold member, which is the membership that I have, you get an additional Forex software called the hedgine EA. This can help you make more trades in different market conditions and increase your chances of extra profits.

Overall, Fap Winner testimonials are highly positive. People on the forum enjoy excellent customer service and, I believe, have an advantage over other traders and can make more money easier and faster.


Famous Mergers and Aquisitions and Hotel Chains


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are commonplace in the world of business, some very successful in terms of revenue, and some which are spectacular failures. An acquisition is a corporate action whereby a company buys most or all of the target company's ownership stakes in order to gain control of it. There have been many famous mergers and acquisitions, resulting in increased revenue for some of the biggest firms in the world.

  • Disney / Pixar 2006 – This merger has proved to be very successful for both parties involved. The acquisition and merger means that the tradition of Disney could be maintained and the innovation of Pixar animations could be developed and explored further. The success of all the first six Pixar movies such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo confirmed Pixar's new style of animation as being a hit with the box office, and the heritage and tradition of Disney speaks for itself. This partnership is still going strong today.
  • Exxon / Mobil 1999 – This $ 81 billion deal was historic in the business world. Exxon, the most powerful and prolific American oil company bought Mobil, the second largest American oil company. In order to ensure that the new ExxonMobil brand did not create a monopoly in certain areas of America, they had to sell thousands of their petrol stations. Today they are still the largest oil company in the world, showing this acquisition and merger to be a great success.
  • Premier Lodge / Travel Inn 2004 – The Whitbread Company, who owned the Travel Inn hotel chain, decided to expand their budget hotel business by acquiring Premier Lodge in 2004. Once the two companies had merged, they created the UK's largest budget hotel chain known then as Premier Travel Inn, which has since been rebranded Premier Inn and boasts over 600 hotels including some in Dubai and India.

Mergers and acquisitions happen frequently in the hotel trade; this is how large hotel chains have developed over time. The majority of hotel owners no longer specialize in one type of hotel, eg budget or luxury hotels, but they have a mixture of both. The Accor hotel group for example own the budget chain Ibis as well as the luxury hotel brand MGallery. Having a varied portfolio of hotels allows the company to target a range of markets, with the ultimate view to making a success of them all. However, some hotel companies still promote luxury only hotels, such as the Sandals resorts in the Caribbean.


How to Choose the Right Forex Trading Software


There are many alternatives available in the market nowadays when it comes to forex trading software. The demand for such is consistently rising as more investors are becoming convinced that the robots are actually doing their jobs pretty well. Whether you like it or not, you will need these robots not only for analysis, but also to perform “auto-pilot” trades on your behalf. If you are not sure how to pick the right software as your investment, then here are some tips you can use to choose good trading software.

1. Forex trading software sends different signals and therefore sends different information. The more signals it sends, the better it would be for your own analysis.

2. Some have new technologies of robot artificial intelligence. If you are to invest heavily on these robots to do the trading on your behalf, then you should be on the lookout for the best technology in robot artificial intelligence.

3. Get software that has built a great reputation in terms of uptime. You do not want it to give up on you on the hours you need it most. Since the forex market runs continuously throughout the day, you have to make sure your technology works for you 24/7.

4. Make sure that the software you are to buy provides technical support all day long. We must accept the fact that these forex trading software can give up on you randomly. The last thing that you would want to happen is to be in a helpless situation where no one can help you about the software you have just bought.


Airport Car Parking Travel Guide


Airports can cause stress and anxiety among travelers. No matter if it's a business trip or a family holiday, certain things need to be kept in mind: booking a spot at airport car parking, arriving sooner at the airport, getting through check-in, immigration and security …

Short or long trip – the best choice is to drive your own car to the airport. Today you can travel without caring for your car because there is someone who will take good care of your car parking needs. You no longer have to pay for a taxi or other paid transportation service. Use the benefits offered by driving your car. All you have to do is to reserve your parking spot at cheap airport parking. If you need to leave the car for 3 days in the parking lot, it will cost you only $ 70.

After establishing that you pack all the necessary things for your trip, it's time to take off at the airport. The ideal time to arrive at the airport is at least 90 min before the scheduled departure time. It's well known that time management is fundamental when it comes to airport trips. A better situation is to wait for the flight than to miss it. There is always something to be done: drinking a coffee or going to shop.

Many airlines are approving online check-ins via the airline website or a mobile app. We live in a modern world. Don't waste time ahead of the queue at the check-in desk and take the advantage of technology. Always keep your mobile devices fully charged. You can ask for a charging port inside the airport to charge your phone while you are waiting for your flight. It's a good idea to have a screenshot of your boarding pass on your mobile phone or print it for better security.

Passing through the airport security sounds very boring, but that's what makes us safe. For faster passing, take out all metal items: watches, keys, jewelery. They can ask you to remove your belt and shoes too. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are scanned before you can leave the security check-in.

Traveling by plane can be exhausting for someone. Others love the feeling to see the world from a different perspective. Comfort in traveling can also depend on the clothes we wear during the flight. Always choose something light and comfortable to wear.


Tips For Online Forex Trading


The trust based and faceless forum that Internet facilitates no way stands as a hindrance for trading foreign notes. The online Forex trading entails currency trading which is facilitated & transacted through the fanatical Internet links through the premeditated Forex marketing hours.

So, let's us first consider what Forex trading is all about.

Basically, Forex trading engrosses the buying & selling of the foreign currencies. This term was derived from exchange-'ex 'and foreign-'for'. This is similar to stock trading, herein, foreign currencies takes the responsibility of the shares of the currency institutions based on which country they are trading with. As per Forex market trading is concerned, the stock investment follows demands of time, economy and value. However, the currency-exchange trade exists from the very possibility of purchasing a low currency & selling them subsequently at high currency. For the online trading, one must be aware of the other exchange rates too. As online Forex demands investors to scrutinize trajectory pair-wise through internet-marketing strategies.

Further on, let's move on to consider the functional aspects of online Forex trading.

The Forex-trading software that's available for online traders enable profitable arbitrage and financial management. In fact Forex market basically is a kind of internet trade designed for superseding other money-markets to enable traders to function from their Forex, as per the predicted market standards.

There exist several ways of performing Forex trading, but the most effective one among them is the 'Automatic Forex Trading System'. This kind of system uses special software which catches on currency rates and trade. They are mainly used for eyeing foreign exchanging rates. They can also perform trading for you. Indeed this tool remains active 24 * 7 that works when news breaks without waiting no longer for markets to open up. Thus, it is essential to research prior to purchasing a Forex tool that has been tested recognizing the alteration of rates in global system.

Let's us now proceed to consider the advantages of online Forex trading.

-They are designed to accomplish money-making ideas just by enabling you to invest without confining to any business zone.
-They are easy & fun loving too.
-They allow you to work from home with a computer from anywhere across the world.

So, what are the basic steps one must follow to start trading?

-Open an account with a researched or recommended broker along with the assistance of the online surveys.
-Pay signing-up fee.
-Then invest after considering the amount that you will want to kick start with.
-Finally, bag in cash!

Few of the useful tips to profit from online Forex trading are:

-Purchase when rate of a currency has dropped tremendously. While you explore shift on higher side, just sell to make profit. For this, you could well avail online back-up facility.
-Learn utmost from the training provided by the marketing services for achieving desired success.
-Look out for the Forex sites online to begin learning with minimum investment just from your home-office. However, before starting, you need to go through the terms & conditions, especially the risk, warning and disclaimers to avoid any home scams.


What Do Your Wheels Say About You and Your Business?


Many of us are still old enough to recall the days when pulling up outside a client’s office building in an ultra-cool, gasoline-addicted, snarling motor car was halfway towards impressing them that you and your company had to be the bee’s knees as top in your industry.

Nowadays turning up to a client’s office in an expensive gas-guzzler can have precisely the opposite effect, making socially conscientious clients look at you like you just crawled out of a drain for being so selfish and thoughtless to the planet.

Then there’s the envy/jealousy/spiteful factor, of course

A few years ago I turned up to a client’s office in a brand new car – not flashy, but just nice. The client looked out of the window as I locked it up and said, “nice car. We must be paying you too much.” He said it with a frosty smile, but I knew it irked him.

Had the same happened in North America where I believe that people can be envious without being jealous, the client’s reaction more likely would have been, “nice car. It’s good to see your business is doing well.”

So be warned if your business is in the UK… leave the vintage Bugatti at home and take the gardener’s pickup instead.

So what does your mode of transport say?

RollsRoyce or Bentley

Over-the-hill film stars (rented) and fat middle-Eastern aristocrats (owned and driven at blinding speeds, especially if a super-charged Bentley). Considered in good taste, if hysterically eccentric, only when a pre-1960 model.

Ferrari, Lamborghini,etc

British soccer player, US rapper, minor Arabian prince, Kardashian. These cars look like large skateboards with speeds approaching Mach 1 and cockpits that only accommodate the shortest of hair extensions, thereby rendering them unsuitable for most female stars (although Kim K’s getting pretty good at squeezing in).


Moderately successful business people in North America, flamboyantly successful executives in the UK. Most Germans and other western Europeans use Mercedes as taxis and think the British are nuts to treat them with such reverence. Be warned when doing business in continental Europe; you may think it’s a new colleague waving hello to you, but it’s probably some jerk hailing a cab.


Discreet class and good taste. Audi has always tended to have a neutral socio-economic profile, unlike BMW (flashy and nouveau-riche), Volvo (very boring), Skoda (cheap and nasty), Volkswagen (slightly boring), Ford (snake-oil salesman), etc. Audi’s image has remained neutral despite being the preferred choice of wheels for several members of the British royal family, which says a lot for their star power.

Large SUVs/ 4WDs / 4x4s

Ruthless, wealthy owner of a fast-food chain, slightly dubious real estate agent, ageing sportsman or a nervous, 5’2″ mom peering over the steering wheel taking two small children to nursery school. About as eco-friendly as a neutron bomb, so a no-no if you sell solar roof panels or aromatherapy oils.

People Carriers

Known in the US as “mini-vans” these seat up to 7 or 8 people and suggest that you’re a minor film or rock star (if the windows are blacked out) jumped-up taxi driver (depending on which door you get out of), or parent of a large family (be sure to wipe the baby vomit off your business suit before leaving the vehicle).

Smart Car

You’d really have the gall to turn up to a meeting in a four-wheeled chamber pot that even Noddy and Big Ears wouldn’t be seen dead in? Useful if your client’s office is deep downtown because you can park it alongside the garbage cans. If you must drive one, make sure your business suit has decent sized pockets so you can hide the beastly thing in there with your keys and phone.

Convertible sports car

Pretty cool if you’re young and either a) male and/or b) have a very short hairstyle. Not cool for elegantly dressed women (hair and makeup turn into slime above 30 mph and you end up with your skirt around your neck when exiting and entering) or middle-men trying to prove they’re not suffering from the male menopause.


Depends. Turning up to a meeting on a retro Vespa scooter is quite cool if you’re in one of the woo-woo industries, but if your client is in a macho business s/he’ll think you’re a nerd. A Honda Goldwing or big Harley gives your image a lot of grunt but remember that most “Easy Rider” bike enthusiasts are over 60 with tattoos everywhere and gray ponytails hanging down to their ankles. Be sure that matches your business brand.


15 or 20 years ago, turning up to a business meeting in an expensive suit with bicycle clips and a helmet would make you seem a prize goofball. Today it’s seen as eco-friendly and money-saving, a fact which has not been lost on politicians and industry leaders who make sure the paparazzi get good shots of them pedalling to Buckingham Palace or down Wall Street. But get real. Going to work or a client meeting on your bike in the rain sucks. Never mind being on-trend; ride the subway.


My fantasy… so probably arriving at a meeting on one of these says idiot overweight nutcase freelance business writer. The heck with it; I want a Segway even though I would be certain to fall flat on my face within the first 30 yards. Meanwhile I’ll just stick to my (slightly boring) Volkswagen.

What do you think your wheels say about you and your business?


What Are Forex Trading Signals and How Can You Benefit From Them?


Forex trading can be quite intimidating to many, especially because of the sheer information overload. Even experienced traders work for many hours on charts and numbers everyday, just for making sense of the data they get. In order to make precise trade entries and exits, they spend innumerable hours on charts, market news, speculations, analysis, world market economy, and lots more.

What if you keep getting the signals everyday to make the right trade moves, without having to spend so much time and efforts?

Forex Trading Signals:

Trade signals are more like taking continuous guidance from an experienced trader, in an ongoing way. The signals provided by them on everyday basis, indicate the good entry and exit points. You can set up your trades for those points, and get on with your other works. The Buy and Sell alarms automatically trigger your trading activities.

You can receive the alerts on your mobile phones, computers, tabs, etc. With proper and timely signals from reputed traders, you are likely to make more winning moves. It is also an excellent solution for those people, who are generally cramped for time.

How are the signals generated?

The alarms generated by the signals, are always based on thorough technical analysis of the prevailing currency market. The signals are sent after closely analyzing the indicators, market trends, and many other financial cues.

You will need to subscribe for daily Forex signals with any of the reputed traders or trading firms, and then get the valuable trading insights from them everyday.

Why is it a good idea to subscribe for Forex Signals?

Getting into Forex trading is not as easy as it might sound. You will need to learn a lot of things just to understand the basics of how the market works. For a new trader, phrases like Bollinger Bands, MACD, Simple Moving Average, indicators, oscillators, candlestick charts, etc can be simply too overwhelming.

One of the main reasons why people tend to lose money in Forex is because they don’t have the time and patience to learn about all the things that are needed to make sound trading decisions. Why would you want to take such a risk, when you can have the experienced traders work on the market analysis part for you?

That way you will be able to skip the complex part of trading, and get straight into the winning circles. However, make sure that you research well about the Forex signals providers, before deciding to subscribe with one.


The Westwind 1124


The Westwind 1124 isn't the newest business jet on the market, nor is it one that is equipped with all of the state of the art amenities that business charter jets of today have in spades. Instead it is a business jet that offers a comfortable interior, a trustworthy record and best of all, the ability to get where you're going on your terms, on your schedule and without having to fly commercial.

The Westwind 1124 is a medium sized jet that can be configured to hold up to 10 passengers. It works with a crew of just two, consisting of a pilot and co-pilot and of course like with many business jets, the seating plan can be re-arranged to suit your specific needs. It has superior leather seats, plenty of head, shoulder and leg room and a pressurized cabin that is 1.43m high by 1.43m wide. Great for those longer stay business trips is the fact that this aircraft also boasts 60 cubic feet of baggage space and of course also has an onboard lavatory. It can also be reconfigured as a freight aircraft if that is what your business needs.

Built by the small but successful Israel Aircraft Industries company, the Westwind 1124 has a 13.65m wingspan, a cruising speed of 723 km / hr. and two fuel efficient TFE 731 Turbofan engines. Although her design may seem a bit outdated compared to the newer business jets on the market today, she had modifications in the early 1980's to her design like a new center section on the wing and the addition of winglets that were industry leading at the time and help to keep her design current by today's ever changing standards.

The Westwind 1124 is just like any other business charter jet. It eliminates the need to take your team on a commercial airline and lets you avoid the heavy lines and wait times that are associated with security and the processing of thousands of people each and every day at commercial airports.

Best of all, by chartering a jet you can make your own schedule, can fly in and out of smaller airports closer to your destination and can even work in flight thanks to the changeable seating and table configurations.

If you just want to get where you are going on time and without any hassles, then this aircraft may be just what the charter ordered.


Forex-ology Simplified – 5 Unorthodox Steps of a Winning Forex Strategy


First of all, I want to stress that this trading system of mine is no holy grail and anyone can use it successfully if they follow the rules of the trading system. I have been trading for years and this is one of my forex trading strategies that have helped me made profits consistently.

I have always kept my trading systems simple because it’s the simple system that works in this ever-changing brutal currency market. Surprised by that? Did you think that a successful trading system has to be sophisticated and difficult to use? Doing well from the forex market depends on how effectively the trader himself uses the trading system and not how good the trading system is.

So now I will reveal a forex strategy that I use very often to profit consistently from the market. After you read it, you may think that actually it’s such a simple system. But like I said earlier, trading should be simple, don’t complicate it. Below are the steps of my forex day trading strategy:

Step 1: Look at the main trend using daily chart. The first look from left to right of the chart should tell you it’s a down trend or up trend.

Step 2: After knowing what the main forex trend is, I will go to Forex Factory website to check for for any news releases. If there are upcoming news in 2 hours, I won’t even go to step 3 to look for trading signals because there is a high likelihood of whipsaws.

Step 3: If there is no news, I will put my forex trading plan into action. For example, if the main trend is up, I will only be looking for buy signals generated from my forex indicators, Vice versa if the main trend is down.

Step 4: Now this is the most crucial stage and my trading decision lies here. I use the crossing of 4 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and 23 EMA to define buy and sell signals on the 30 minute chart. There are other indicators involved, the weekly pivot, Stochastic and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) must also follow the trend and cannot look flat. I filter whipsaws by trading only during high liquidity sessions and checking whether the trend is the same using 4 hourly chart. That’s all!

Step 5: The trade is set at a tight stop loss of around 35 pips while I have 2 methods of targeting profit. One is using healthy risk to reward ratio of at least 1:2. The second is using daily support and resistance.

That’s my successful forex trading system. It’s simple isn’t it? Of course risk management, money management and psychology should be combined in this trading system for it to work properly.


Heading to Portugal? Check Your Documents Again


Portugal is about lavish sea-resorts and swish retreats for those who know it that way. But the real Portugal also throbs in its fascinating Flea markets, Fishing villages, and versatile coastline wonders.

How can one be in Portugal without getting a whiff of Piri piri pepper, Salt, Filho, Bacalhau, custard pastry and dried figs? How can one get to know its real soul by idling away with a tan on a beach and without getting up and wandering around on the cobbled sidewalks?

Can the place be really understood without making oneself acquainted with Spices, Port Wine, Cactus fruit, pomegranates, etc.?

Yet, businesses are ready to just brush through this land without actually getting inside it. The real passport that makes one travel this land easily is its language and the cultural grip if one can get that.

Without getting to know of the place at a deeper, hands-on, close-up level is as good as visiting the place through a glossy brochure instead of visiting it first-hand. Then why do brands take the brochure approach? Why they let go of the real deal? Why don't they stand up and walk across the cobbled but interesting alleys of language that define this place?

They need a good guide, a translator service, to do that. But translating English to Portuguese is a half-hearted effort if a brand does not attempt it with enough interest.
Language Translation can be done sitting in a helicopter too. Any agency that offers you a rough coverage of the area through translation is like this helicopter. But if a brand is ready to get down to the real streets, to the real flea markets where people actually flock and buy and have conversations and coffee-breaks – that's about a translation expert who can bring experience whipped in passion.

One would, of course, need to translate English to Portuguese in a manner that is first-time sharp, instant and offers format versatility for the wide range of translation needs. At the same time, the importance of a rich network of native translators and a firm grip on the place's cultural alleys can't be sidelined.

Language Translation would work as the right pair of shoes to walk around this new place with confidence, allowing enough room to wander but without the risk of getting lost somewhere. A service that can handle the rigor and soul of original communication in English; but with the agility and expertise to convert it in a way that really appeals to the Portuguese – is what good brands go for.

They know that translation can't be executed in a retreat vacation-format. It has to be handled in a way that gets closer to the real people on the streets, what drives them, what triggers them, what engages the, what motivates them, what disappoints them, and what delights them. This taste can be had in a far-off luxurious resort too but the 'filho' just won't taste as authentic as it would do in a kitchen right inside a real village.

So do go ahead for new markets waiting to be wooed in Portugal but make sure that you have taken care of the documentation well – by having the right translation expertise on hand and by your side as you walk some streets and speak to people like a true traveler.
Visit this place like a tourist if you are on a vacation. But if you are here for business, be the traveler – not the tourist.